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International Advanced Dentistry in Lisbon is a dental medicine project that combines the dental clinical services with the development of an international training and research center.

The International Advanced Dentistry clinical team is specialized, multidisciplinary, follows the state of the art of modern dentistry and speaks several languages.

International Advanced Dentistry no Centro de Lisboa


Our vision is that everyone has the opportunity to improve their life thanks to a healthy and balanced smile.

Our mission is to provide the best integrated and multidisciplinary service in the field of dental medicine, investing in innovative materials and techniques that better defend the interest of all those who seek to treat or rebalance their oral health and smile.



At International Advanced Dentistry we follow 100% digital clinical work protocols, which allow us not only to guarantee a more in-depth diagnosis and planning, but also to maintain the standard of quality, precision and success of our treatments.

We are proud to work as a team for the health of our patients, basing our clinical options on scientific knowledge and experience, always focusing on the most conservative and minimally invasive treatments.

At International Advanced Dentistry in Lisbon you will find all the specialties of dentistry, supported by an experienced team of dental assistants and laboratory technicians.

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Dental Veneers

The most conservative treatment option in improving dental aesthetics, through a quick and digital protocol.


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Dental Implants 

The treatment that allows you to place fixed teeth in the areas of the jaws where teeth are missing.


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The imperceptible and aesthetic treatment to correct the position of the teeth, through a fully digital workflow.


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Functional Rehabilitation

The treatment of complex cases that present aesthetic, masticatory and joint problems, in a multidisciplinary approach.


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Digital Implantology

Minimally invasive approach for the placement of dental implants in areas where teeth are missing.


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Dental Bonding

Conservative treatment used to restore the anatomy of decayed, fractured, non-vital or unaesthetic teeth.


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Gingival Grafting

The treatment option that allows you to correct gingival defects in healthy teeth through a microsurgical approach.


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Root Canal Treatment

Endodontic treatment eliminates pain and problems inside the teeth. This treatment creates the conditions to save your tooth.


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Oral Hygiene

The treatment that allows the maintenance of your oral health and the early detection of problems.


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Dental Appliances

Treatment aimed at correcting anomalies of maxillary development and tooth position from the young to the adult patient.


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Dental Bleaching

The most conservative treatment option in restoring or changing the original color of the vital or non-vital tooth.


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The clinical team has grown and was structured to respond to the requirements and complexities of all clinical cases in the field of dental medicine.

The various specialties of dentistry are brought together: dentistry, implantology, orthodontics, prosthodontics, oral surgery, periodontology, endodontics, dental aesthetics and oral hygiene.

Our Team



At the Academy, we help you reach the level of experience you are looking for!

Since 2015, we have been developing innovative national and international educational programs designed to guide you through a state of the art dental journey.

From the experience of our educational team, we know that everyone can overcome their difficulties and be a better dentist. We just have to take the right approach, share the right protocols and put each student in touch with the most up-to-date scientific knowledge.

Our mission is to drive the future generation of dentists worldwide!


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