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Come & visit us in the heart of Lisbon, at Avenida da Liberdade.

Dental Tourism

Over the past few years, International Advanced Dentistry has accompanied a large number of international patients, whether residing in Portugal or traveling to Lisbon solely for their treatment. The dental tourism service, launched in 2015, was developed with the aim of offering all the conditions for the preparation and monitoring of patients seeking to combine treatment at International Advanced Dentistry with a tourist visit to Lisbon and Portugal.

Personalized Service

The International Advanced Dentistry® team promotes a personalized and direct relationship with all patients, so that distance does not prevent more personal contact between you and all members of the team. The possibility of being served in one of the 7 languages โ€‹โ€‹spoken by the clinical team (Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish and German) is one of the differentiating factors of the International Advanced Dentistry® dental tourism service.

Specialized IAD Lisbon Team
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The patient who seeks the Dental Tourism service, will find a clinical and laboratory team dedicated exclusively to his case and adapted to his reduced time and availability. The investments, made over the years in favor of the realization of innovative and minimally invasive techniques, allow the clinical team to complete complex treatments in the shortest possible time.

Digital Technology

The patient who seeks the Dental Tourism service at International Advanced Dentistry® will have ensured that his whole process of diagnosis, planning and treatment execution follows the highest clinical standards, which is based on the most up-to-date scientific knowledge and is guided by processes 100% digital work environment. In this way, it is possible to control with precision, predictability and safety all the variables of the treatment of each patient, trying to fulfill the patient's needs and expectations.

Digital Technology

Logistic Support

International Advanced Dentistry® and its partners plan for you the whole organization of your stay, from the trip to the hotel, through the reservation of tourist programs and restaurants that best suit your interests. Thanks to our network of contacts, it is possible to plan your trip with us in a short time and make the most of your stay in Lisbon.

Facilities and Environment

International Advanced Dentistry® is a dental medicine clinic located on the most prestigious avenue in the city of Lisbon, Avenida da Liberdade, known for the set of luxury brands that have their store there.

In addition to the pleasant surrounding area, each international patient who visits us has at his disposal, inside the clinic, an exclusive waiting room and a conciergerie service, permanently insured by a member of the team, so that nothing is missing during the entire period. your stay.

Dental Clinic Lisbon

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"I had a very satisfactory experience at the International Advanced Dentistry®. The hotel was nice too. All the team did a very good job for my dental implants and dentures. While waiting for denture completion, I had a few days there to taste Portuguese food, enjoy oceanic climate and visit some places of historical interest in Portugal. If my friends and colleagues need dental implants someday, I will recommend them to the International Advanced Dentistry® in Lisbon."

Zack - treated at the clinic in 2015

China (lives in the USA)

"The happy day starts from the smile and my happy smile started from the day I went to International Advanced Dentistry®. There I felt so confident and relaxed being around such a professional team. A great hospitality, modern technologies, doctor's perfectionism: as a result you get your new happy life! For sure I will come back one day. I always thank the team for my health, smile and cultural Portuguese experience."

Anastasia - treated at the clinic in 2016

Moscow. Russia

"I have reached the clinic through Google search and I immediately learned that all the team was fluent in french, which was very important for me, as I not that good in english. I asked for informations through their website and got back in the same day a phone call from the reception, with some schedule suggestions for a first online appointment. After I had the appointment and accepted the treatment plan, everything went smoothly and I enjoyed so much my time in Lisbon, that now I always have an extra reason to come back."

Michel - treated at the clinic in 2019

Paris. France