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The Department of Pediatric Dentistry


Pediatric Dentistry is a specialty of Dentistry that provides preventive, primary and comprehensive therapeutic oral health care for babies, children and adolescents, including children with special health needs.

Pediatric Dentistry covers ages from 0 months to 18 years.

Our department is made up of Pediatric Dentists, Dr. Joana Castro and Dr. Margarida Roque, together with assistant Inês Caeiro, all with extensive experience in pediatric dentistry and behavioral techniques.
In the specialty of Orthodontics, we have Dr Elena Cervino and Dr Mafalda Ascenso and Soraia Carvalho as an assistant.

In pediatric dentistry, we are committed to prevention and efficient brushing techniques that allow for correct oral hygiene habits, thus avoiding the appearance of cavities or other more complex oral health problems in the future. 
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First Consultation

The first Pediatric Dentistry appointment allows us to perceive concerns, doubts or questions from parents, caregivers and especially from the child himself.

Purpose of the 1st Consultation

The main objective is a specialized, careful and personalized consultation. Where the little patient is only concerned with choosing the cutest IADKids themed glasses for his consultation. In this first appointment, we try to create an empathetic bond in order to gain the patient's trust and make them feel safe in the dentist's chair.



we use

There are methods and tools that allow us to transform fears into positive behaviors, demystifying and simplifying the moment of consultation, such as behavioral tricks, props and aid tools, among others, from the children's universe.


The 1ª

The first consultation consists of collecting elements, identifying problems (and potential ones) and teaching brushing techniques. We perform a complete oral hygiene with fluoride application. We perceive the existing techniques and reinforce and guide them towards improvements, with some of our department's own techniques.


is key

Preventive and personalized pediatric dentistry is the guarantee of a healthy smile throughout life. This specialty, the cooperation of children and routine consultations every six months can prevent children throughout their lives from having problems such as extensive cavities, teeth to root canal, missing teeth, among other problems that many adults currently suffer in medicine. general dentistry.


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Clinical Case #1

8-year-old patient in the growth phase with severe crowding, ongoing treatment with invisible appliances.

Clinical Case #2

Clinical case of a 4-year-old girl, in which the baby tooth was poorly positioned. This is a very important tooth as it is a guide in the growing orofacial structure. Taking advantage of the growth of the child's facial structure, this type of treatment is possible with the application of a polymeric material, these new generation materials allow you to choose colors giving a more participatory aspect, where in our 'IAD Kids' you can choose the one you like best!

This allows for correction at this age and may prevent more complex orthodontic corrections in the future.

Clinical Case #3

Patient 8 years old with anterior crossbite, treatment with invisible appliances for 3 months.

Clinical Case #4

Patient with Class II Molar and diastema, 2 years of treatment with invisible appliances.

Clinical Case #5

Patient started treatment with circuit breaker and face mask at 8 years old with mixed dentition. Ongoing treatment with invisible appliances. This type of cases and treatments in which we use interceptive Orthodontics in a preventive way avoids more expensive and more invasive treatments such as orthognathic surgeries.

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